Evernote on Your Galaxy Note

Evernote is perhaps the world's most popular cloud-based note-taking tool, with ~300 mn installs from the Google Play Store alone. Evernote has been around a long time and has developed a rock solid sync engine to protect your notes and make it available on all your devices and the web. Your Galaxy Note is among the very few devices on the planet that has the ability to directly save sketches to your Evernote knowledge base. If you're a visual thinker or a fan of Dan Roam's Back of the Napkin book, the Evernote app on the Galaxy Note will suit you perfectly.

Benefits of saving your sketches in Evernote

On your Galaxy Note, you get the ability to add hand-drawn sketches to any note in Evernote. You can also create a new handwriting note quickly using the Evernote widget. But why bother with Evernote when you already have so many excellent S-pen powered apps on the Galaxy Note? Because handwriting in Evernote offers a few unique advantages:

  • You can crosslink your handwritten note with other notes i.e. you can locate your note in more ways and find your work later

  • You can annotate these sketches on any device e.g. your desktop or iOS device, using the same annotation tools that Evernote provides to markup any image such as adding text and shapes

  • Evernote automatically performs OCR on your handwriting, which means your handwritten note will show up in search results - convenient!

  • You can start with an initial idea using a handwritten note, and build it out later by adding text, images, audio, file attachments or even more handwritten sketches.

Unlike other apps, creating your sketch in Evernote is just the beginning since you can tie it into your other notes and flesh it out further. You can easily share your notes, and even search through your handwriting thanks to automatic OCR. And your handwritten notes remain editable in Evernote - using either your Galaxy Note or any other device.

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