Extracting Knowledge from PDFs using PDFoo

PDFoo and Evernote play well together
  • PDFoo enables direct linking into PDFs
  • Curate the knowledge locked away in PDFs, keep it just a click away
  • Directly copy/paste from the PDFoo scratchpads into Evernote
  • Evernote supports pdfoo:// hyperlinks, such as pdfoo://apphelp/
  • To type out hyperlinks, right click inside Evernote note and select Substitutions > Smart Links

Why use Evernote with PDFoo?
  • Free Evernote service, your PDFoo notes stay in sync across Evernote
  • Evernote notes support rich text, images and embedded voice memos
  • Easy to share Evernote notebooks between colleagues
  • Use Evernote screen capture from PDFs, Evernote runs OCR behind-the-scenes