OS X Mavericks Dictation versus Dragon Dictate

How OS X Mavericks “enhanced dictation" trumps Dragon Dictate:
  • Very convenient keyboard shortcut (Fn Fn key combo)
  • Free! compared to $100-$200 for Dragon Dictate 3 for Mac
  • Works in all Mac OS X applications
  • No arbitrary constraints on mixing keyboard or mouse editing with dictation
  • No need for activation or licensing
  • No training required, works out of the box

How Dragon Dictate trumps OS X Mavericks inbuilt dictation:
  • Very accurate dictation out of the box (see speed & accuracy graph in How Good is Inbuilt Dictation in OS X Mavericks?)
  • Allows you to add words to recognized vocabulary
  • Allows you to feed written documents so Dragon Dictate can make a smarter guess about what you’re likely to say
  • Allows you to customize Dragon Dictate to recognize your peculiar pronunciation of words, if any
  • Allows you to correct speech recognition mistakes immediately to train & teach Dragon Dictate
  • Fully trained Dragon Dictate is nearly 30% faster than inbuilt OS X Mavericks dictation and 80% fewer errors*
  • Create & configure different voice profiles for different people or usage scenarios such as noisy environments

* Based on error rates of 17% and 3% for OS X Mavericks dictation & Dragon Dictate, calculated as [1 - 3%/17%] = 82% fewer errors.

Also see the ebook Dragon Dictate: Fast Track to Prolific Writing on Your Mac