Screen Sizes for Galaxy Note devices and iPad Pro

The figure below shows the relative screen sizes of Galaxy Note devices relative to the 12.9 inch iPad Pro and an A4 page. Interestingly, the iPad Pro has a similar width to the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro, and is about 20% taller.

Compared to the standard A4 page, the iPad Pro covers 83% of the area, the Galaxy Note Pro covers 70% of the area, and the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition covers 47% of the area. The portable Galaxy Note 8 (2013) only covers 30% of the A4 page.

To estimate the ease of holding the device, I calculated the ratio of weight (in grams) to the Screen Area (in square inches) - where lower

is the score, the better is the writing area to weight characteristics. The iPad Pro scores the best at 8.9x in comparison to the Galaxy Note Pro at 11.2x and the Surface Pro 3 at 11.7x. Apple has clearly done a great job in engineering the iPad Pro.

For visual thinkers and graphic artists, the iPad Pro is a very promising tablet.