Visual Thinking on Your Galaxy Note with Graph Paper Pro

Graph Paper Pro is a simple app with elegant functionality: it allows you to use your finger touches and the S-pen together to create graphic notes. In terms of S-pen functionality alone, Graph Paper Pro is easily outdone by top-tier apps such as Squid (Papyrus) or LectureNotes. However, Graph Paper Pro offers a unique feature: the ability to collect your sketches into groups and move them on the page as a unit. As discussed below, this feature positions Graph Paper Pro as the perfect tool for certain workflows.

The Challenge of Fluid Note-taking

When you're taking notes in class, or while listening to a podcast, or while viewing a video course, interesting ideas may arrive in a linear fashion while you may prefer to keep related ideas together. You will likely run out of space and wish to move things around on the page. On paper, you don't have this option but surely your digital note-taking tool should provide the ability to reorder content on the page. This feature is also valuable when you review your notes since you may find a better way to structure your notes on the page.

In apps like Squid (Papyrus) you can use the "selection tool" to select and move sketches on the page. But, Graph Paper Pro goes one step further in that it allows grouping the sketches so they stay together as a unit. This makes it easy to re-arrange content on the page.

Intuitive Sketching in Graph Paper Pro

Graph Paper Pro is designed for both the finger and the S-pen. In fact, the role of the S-pen is quite limited - it is used either as a pen or an eraser. However, the touch gestures open up a range of functionality:

  • Like in other apps, you can zoom and pan using two fingers

  • You can double-tap anywhere to zoom in for precision writing

  • You can drag in a closed loop around sketches to select them, then hold within the selection to move the sketches

  • You can long press within a selection to convert it into a group (shown with a dark grey background)

  • You can select a group with a single tap and move it around

  • When a group is selected, you can swipe top to bottom across the group to ungroup the contents (and the dark grey background disappears)

  • When a group is selected, you can drag out an arrow from either the left or right edge to another group to connect the two together. The arrow stays connected to the groups as you move either or both groups on the page. To delete the arrow, tap to select it and hit the X button on bottom left of the page.

In essence, Graph Paper Pro enables you to create grouped and connected content on the page. In addition to regular note-taking, this feature is also very valuable in understanding and solving problems.

Rapid Problem-Solving with Post-it Notes

The Post-it Note has been an essential tool for visual thinkers and problem solvers since it holds a useful nugget of information and it can be moved around on a whiteboard. On your Galaxy Note, the Graph Paper Pro app provides the digital equivalent of Post-it Notes. You can group your sketches into "notes" which you can move around the page. And you can use connection arrows to show meaningful relationships between notes.

To know more about this versatile problem solving technique using post-it notes, see David Straker's book Rapid Problem-Solving with Post-it Notes (1995), or David Sibbet's book Visual Meetings (2010).

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